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My dreaming thoughts go barefoot in the evening


- an everyday alchemist & a mindful wanderer -

I believe that creativity and mindfulness are wonderful tools for personal empowerment and healing. 


I see the beauty in imperfection and poetry in the imperfect.


I hear stories whispered on the wind, and written between the lines. 


I like to create pictures because it's the way I take in the world.


I love ink, whether it is on paper or small stories on the skin.


I also love the enticing promises of unknown paths, the sound of the sea, and the aroma of a fresh cup of coffee.


I want to turn my life into art.

My very existence into a poem.


The creative life of photography fills me with joy and wonder. I am an artist, with the camera as my starting point. I am captivated by the poetic sensations when words and images are joined together. It has always been a deep source of inspiration for me; as magical as the first sentence of a captivating story...

I love to find the sacred in the ordinary.

And to transform the ordinary into something poetic.


With a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication, and a great interest in capturing moments through the camera, I have discovered a new world in 'the mobile revolution'. The iPhone has given me the wonderful freedom to be able to shoot and edit photos anywhere.

Using a variety of editing apps, all of my works are created with an iPhone and iPad. My work is categorized as painterly photography, inspired by nature, people and emotions.

My work has been featured in various iPhone art communities and displayed at various exhibitions and lectures around the world.


The simple life by the sea, in Norway, surrounded by the beauty of nature, is something I deeply appreciate.


To see the beauty, joy and playfulness in everyday life, while being intensely present in my own life and in the lives of my loved ones, is important.


Now please...

come sit next to me - share with me your story...

All images are taken by me, which means that the copyright belongs to me.

Please honour the work that has gone into these images.


If you would like to buy and use any of my images please contact me.


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